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Hints Around Town

Most shops in Rufina are closed in the afternoon after 1 PM, except on Saturdays.   In Rufina there is a train station and trains to Florence that leave about every 45 minutes, and the same applies coming back from Florence.   Travel time to Florence is about 17 minutes. 


For nearby entertainment and dining there are restaurants both in Rufina and in the vicinity of the country house.  The prices in the below restaurants are good and you may stretch your money further than in some comparable Florentine restaurants.

GLI ABETI - Florentines come there for the weekends.  Open for lunch only on Saturday and Sunday;  other nights there is dinner and dancing.  Dancing is after 9 PM and children are also allowed.  It is about 4 Km up the road from our country house, and a bit further up the same road in CONSUMA there are other good restaurants.

SERGIO - Back at the intersection if you turn right again pass LONDA and keep going, the next village 5 minutes up the road is DICOMANO.  There you go to SEGIO, open for lunch and dinner like the GRAZZINI in Rufina.  Here you must try the lasagna, it is homemade and the best you have ever had.